Monday, 12 February 2007

Cooking With Jesus

Jesus Cooks With Ralphie

Hi! My name is Jesus. I like to cook up a storm in the kitchen as much as the next deity.

This week, I am joined by Ralphie and we will be embarking on the culinary journey of a life time: medicinal brownies. That's right! Using a very special herb, known for it's medicinal properties, Ralphie and I will create a tasty treat you can share with your friends and family.

The secret herbal ingredient is allowed to melt with the shortening we will be using for the brownies. This will release the herb's powerful healing agents. Next, using a regular brownie recipe, Ralphie and I have made several trays of yummy chocolate brownies. It kicks immediately after the first mouthful.

Make as many trays as you feel you need. Remember that it's good to share, so make enough for your friends. Enjoy responsibly. Brownies are best served with a generous dollop of Bob Marley and the Wailers.


Cynnie said...

I had one of those brownies a couple of years ago..

remember ?

I was calling for you..
Or was that your father ?

it's all a blurry mess now

Godless said...

hahaha That's brilliant! Finally, jesus and I see eye to about something. hehe

Thanks T, I feel like a celeb now :)

purplesimon said...

Whoa, Jesus, my teacher says it's one small step from smokin' the 'erb to smoking crack pipes and giving blow jobs to get your next fix.

Two things:

Is this true?
What can you do if, like me you're an 'brownie' addict? Or, indeed, a greenery addict?

purplesimon out...